About Dave and Adrianna

Adrianna & Dave live in a little house in eastern Ontario, nestled into the woods of the Lanark Highlands.

Since before the turn of the century, the couple have been hiding in the woods honing their craft, only poking their heads out from time to time to attend art shows and sales across the country.

Dave is most affected by the natural allure of the Canadian hardwood and cedar trees. His art is a collaboration with nature; he carves unique pieces of wood into faces and figures inspired by the wood. He has training in photography and experience with drawing, and is a self-taught sculptor.

Adrianna had meshed all of her experiences together to create a unique form of collage affectionately known to her admirers as 'Adrianna Art'.

Like Dave, Adrianna is greatly affected by the natural world around her.

Using natural and recycled materials Adrianna creates whimsical scenes appealing to both young and old. She makes a canvas of handmade paper and layers on such media as birch bark, chenille fiber, pressed leaves and petals, seeds and more!

Dave was born in toronto and raised in Northern and Eastern Ontario. His wood sculptures attest to his sardonic sense of humor, and a sensitive view of the human condition. “If you are laughing, crying, thinking, or a little afraid it is all good! I have gotten your attention therefore I have succeeded!”

Adrianna was born in Toronto and raised mostly in the Ottawa area. She has been recognized as a creator of unique things since she was three. She has trained in graphic arts, clay sculpture and has some experience with stained glass and batik.

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