Adrianna Art Prints

These are the prints of Adrianna’s work that are current available to order by email
or phone (613) 259-2720.

$25.00 small (approx. 8x10)
$45.00 medium (approx. 12x14)
$65.00 large (approx. 16x20)

Ready to hang.
$45.00 small (approx. 8x10)
$65.00 medium (approx. 12x14)
$95.00 large(approx. 16x20)

$125.00 small (approx.8x10)
$165.00 medium (approx.12x14)
$250.00 large (approx.16x20)
$450.00 extra large (size determined by format)

Children Inherit the Earth

Feed the World

Together in Peace

Stop & Smell the Tulips

Fish Fry

Whisked Away


Panda Mountain

Adrianna’s Ottawa

The Ladies of Spring

Deer Me

Black Cat Hill

Into the Blue

Celebrate the Harvest

Mother Earth

All Aboard

Team Canada

Skinny Skiing

Message for Peace

(Limited Edition) Please enquire.

All items shipped in Canada are subject to tax.
All items shipped out of country are not subject to Canadian tax.
Most items will be shipped via UPS.

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Adrianna’s Art

Dave Card, Sculptor

Don't hesitate to inquire about any original piece of art you may see on the site. Even if the one that interests you has been sold, we may have another that you’ll like even more.

We’re happy to discuss layaway plans.

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