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Dave will charm wood just for you:


Stop and Smell the Flowers, The Glass Door, Don’t Worry Be Happy, Mmmmmm… Coffeeeeeee!

All of the above commissioned by F. Olson 2010/11


Lazy Porch Raccoon

Commissioned by Mr. and Mrs. Sargent of Clayton Ontario for their Porch railing.



Corrina has been a client of ours for a few years now. Adrianna did a large collage of her son's life from birth to graduation a few years ago. Corrina has been very interested in my 'Personality Posts' and decided to challenge me to capture the personality of her deceased father in one of my cedar posts! Wooden Werner and I got to know each other this past spring/summer. As with other such projects I asked Corrina for pictures of her Dad, cautioning that I work more from the character of the person than the physical being. I certainly do my best to use a person's physical attributes, but my sculptures are based on the personality, the life the person has led etc... From what I gathered from the pictures and Corrina, Werner loved to laugh, to garden and was a great family man. He loved his 'blue' and seems to have had a very nice life. A person I would have got on well with, I'm sure!

Commissions of this nature are between $5,000-10,000. Smaller posts with less detail are between $2,000-5,000


Innes dog

Dan Innes and his wife Caroline have many pieces of both Adrianna and Dave's. They have purchased from shows and commissioned art from each artist. Dan and Dave go back over 20 years, back to Dave's days of working in Northern Ontario as an assistant to his father and Dan at the geological survey of Canada. Dan and Caroline are very supportive of Dave's career change!


Commissioned by Dan and Caroline Innes of Vancuover B.C.


Drunken Monk

Richard Hall of Vancouver discovered Dave at the Circle craft Christmas show in Vancouver. He started collecting some of Dave's art and then commissioned Dave to create 3ft. sculpture of a drunken Monk to greet people at he wine cellar.


'Mini Me' Pastry Chef

A gift for a graduating pastry chef.


Commissioned by Wendy Barber of Dunrobin, Ontario.


We Smell Pie

John is a new collector of Dave's art. After purchasing some choice pieces at the 2008 One of Kind Christmas Show and Sale he contacted Dave and commissioned him to create two pieces based on the 'I Smell Pie' image he saw on the Peace of Mind Creations website. He then contacted Dave once again and requested a very detailed 4 foot long hardwood sculpture to be hung over a doorway. We will let you know when it is complete!

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