Imagination and Creation Workshops

Invite Adrianna to your school, library or home schooling group.

For more information please see Adrianna’s detail page at the Canadian Children's Book Centre, or contact Adrianna.

Past Events:

A little girl enthusiastically shows Adrianna what she would use a leaf for if she was making a picture with leaves and petals.

Adrianna uses her art and that of another artist to explain how you can use natural materials to make pictures.

Adrianna talks about making home made paper and lets the children feel some very special papers! You can use almost anything to make paper! She will let you in on the surprise when she visits your school or library!


Imagination and Creation workshop

Hands-on workshop at the Peace of Mind Creations studio. The kids hold up their finished greeting card collages.

Beckwith Elementary School

Adrianna at the Beckwith Elementary School in Carleton Place, Ontario. Imagination and Creation talk.

Peace of Mind Creations

Adrianna’s Art

Dave Card, Sculptor

Don't hesitate to inquire about any original piece of art you may see on the site. Even if the one that interests you has been sold, we may have another that you’ll like even more.

We’re happy to discuss layaway plans.

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