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Alternative Visualization Techniques


Law of attraction, visualization

Alternative Visualization Techniques


Visualization is one of the most important method for practicing law of attraction.


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Definition Of Law Of Attraction

Things of a similar nature will naturally be attracted to each other.

When we practice la for a goal, we are creating in the brain a new neuro pattern that we are entitled to achieve that goal.

That is to say, we create parallel reflexes and belief system in the brain as parallel reality, just like in the brain of someone who has already achieved that goal.

That is, when we practice the law of attraction, of course a brain reprogramming occurs in subconscious.


Tools for practicing Law of Attraction

·        Visualization

·        Affirmations

·        Meditation

·        GratitudeJournal

·        Auto suggestions etc.


The tool can be selected according to the characteristics of each person.

visualization is the best tool for law of attraction


Why Visualization?

As mentioned earlier, the reason for becoming like a goal achiever is a belief system that created the parallel reality in brain. We get the best result when we do visualization. Because visualizing is done by going to a meditation stage as a deeper and using 5 senses.

In that visualization we Seeing, smelling, hearing, touch and feel that purpose has already occurred to us. This is the peak stage of parallel reality. Our brain thinks that we have already achieved that goal.


Alternative visualization techniques

visualization is a practice through which our mind creates images about how we want our life to be, as well as everything we would like to achieve. This helps us to focus 100% of our attention on these goals and to design a plan that will lead us towards them.


The mind plays a very important role in everything we do. It is what tells us what we are capable of facing and, at the same time, limits or slows us down in those situations that it believes are not for us.

One way to begin visualizing is to seek a state of calm, silence, remove yourself from any distractions, breathe deeply, and be aware of every breath you take. When you manage to escape from everything outside and enter into absolute relaxation, begin to imagine how you see yourself in an ideal future


Create your most personal space

This practice is very common among those who begin to visualize. It consists of the creation of an interior space in which to take refuge whenever we need it. It can have the characteristics that each one prefers.

To create it, close your eyes, relax, and make yourself comfortable. Imagine the most attractive place for you, where you would like to be at that moment. Don't limit yourself and bring your private paradise to life.


(It does not matter if this place is real or imaginary, the only relevant thing is that you feel comfortable in it)


Look at all the details of your environment, what you are able to hear, smell, feel ... Stay with that and make it yours. Every time you need a moment of disconnection, you can go to it.

This state is perfect to begin to visualize how you want your life to be. Start imagining without fear, there is no goal too big for you. Focus your energy and find a way to achieve it.

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The white light ball

As with all creative visualization techniques, the first thing to do with the white light ball is to close your eyes, breathe deeply, relax, and feel comfortable.

Once you do, start imagining everything you would like to see happen in your life. As we said before, without setting limits. And then imagine that it has already happened.


(Enjoy the result, analyze it, examine your emotions and sensations. Review all the details that are relevant to you).


And finally, mentally draw a White light ball and put your target in it. When you have it visualized, release it, let it float and gradually disappear as you watch it. What this technique seeks is to focus the energy on that objective to attract it into your life.










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