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3 Steps to Practice Self-Hypnosis and Achieve Your Goals


Practice Self-Hypnosis and Achieve Your Goals

3 Steps to Practice Self-Hypnosis and Achieve Your Goals

This method can help you reach your subconscious faster and faster.

Therefore, knowing how to exercise self-Hypnosis may be the best way to reach your goals.

Here are three steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for Hypnosis.

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First, you need to find a place where you are comfortable and calm. Go to a place in the house where you can stay alone for a while, without being disturbed by anyone and, if possible, without outside noise.


Turn off your cell phone or leave it out of the room. There should be no disruption to the process.


You can do self-hypnosis while sitting or lying on the floor, although lying down can have a better chance of falling asleep. However, it is important that your body is relaxed and relaxed.


When you are well-prepared and ready, and before you start, all you have to do is focus on your goals very well. What do you want to achieve with self-hypnosis? Think about it and make a clear statement before you start.

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The first thing you should do is try to clear your mind. If you meditate, you will become accustomed to it. If it costs you too much, you can use the pinning process.


This involves concentrating our eyes on a point above our eyes, causing our eyes to blur, until the eyelids are hard and closed.


Once this has been done, it will help to focus on your breathing. P ara autohypnosis, a recommended procedure for 4 breaths: suck-hold-exit-empty. Remember that you should keep the same times in each section.


If you are overly comfortable, start with the third step: visualization.



Ideally, count down to 10, where each number is an action that immerses you in your square. It could be a ladder that takes you somewhere, where the step has a number, for example.


Ideally, you should see for yourself in a place where you feel calm. Walking in the woods, swimming in the calm sea, or where you feel comfortable. Remember that you have to visualize yourself as clearly as possible. You can start with one idea at a time: first focus on what you see, then add sound to it, and then emotions…


To emphasize the process, you can recount your current experience. How do you feel.

When you feel ready, prepare to get out of the situation. For this, it is good to visualize the door, and then open it slightly. Imagine how much white light enters through it. At that point, your eyes should open naturally.


If it doesn't work, count down from 10 to 1, repeating that when you're done you'll get up.


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The important thing is to do it with full confidence in the outcome. If you do things in the middle, it will not help you at all: try to put 100% of your energy into it.


If you find it difficult, you can use external objects, such as music or recordings specially designed to incorporate trnotic trance.


If you think it is easy, you can refer to a specialist first, to give you some tips that you can repeat on your own.

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