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Affirmation for Love and Relationships


Affirmation for Love and Relationships

Affirmation for Love and Relationships

Relationship Confirmation are good statements designed to help you focus and confuse a healthy relationship.

This confirmation will help you attract the kind of relationship you have been wanting to hear with that special someone.

Repeat these guarantees daily for at least 20. You can write them down or repeat them aloud.

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Ø I have peace with all my relationships, and I light peace in all my encounters with others.

 All my relationships are loving and harmonious.


 Now I am attracted to the perfect partner.


 I deserve love and happiness.


 Now I am attracted to loving people.


I love myself and accept myself as I am and love and accept others in the same way.


 Everyone I meet lets me know who I am.


 All my relationships are loving and long lasting.


It easily attracts beautiful women.


 Loving and kind men find me irresistible.


 Wise and wise women find me irresistible.


 I accept good relations with my open arms.


 I am a magnet for love.


 I draw the man / woman of my dreams.


I feel safe in front of people of the opposite sex.


If you have a stable partner and want to keep that relationship for years, use these guarantees that are consistent with the positive capacity of Congress.


Ø I love and accept my partner as he or she has his or her flaws


I thank God and the life that allows me to share my days with this beautiful creature


I give my partner the love I ask for


I apologize from today and for the actual feeling of any event that I felt bad about


I feel peace, tranquility and acceptance close to the person I love


 My partner is the perfect complement to my personality, my life, my self-esteem


I wholeheartedly appreciate the presence of partners in my life, his time, his love, his love, his dedication


I choose to enhance the beauty of my partner and see the good in him


I plan a life of lasting love, strong and lasting relationships


I determine for you both relationships based on trust, respect and honesty.


The love that unites us is unconditional, I choose to love it for every moment of our lives


I love my partner as he is, I love his body as he is, I love his presence and his spirit,


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Life has endless grace for me by giving me a company of special creatures


I know we both have a passion and a desire to be together and be happy


Together we are pure love, perfection, joy, peace, harmony


God bless our unity


Our future together is bright, colorful, sharp, and full of positive energy.


I am aligned physically and emotionally with true and lasting love for my partner.

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