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Health Affirmations


Health Affirmations

Health Affirmations

Affirmations is constructive phrases that you repeat and are intended to help you change or reconstruct negative beliefs and patterns of thinking that directly affect the way you deal with everyday situations.

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How can you use good Affirmations?

Although there are no single rules for using good Affirmations, we recommend that you consider the following:

1.   Write your positive acknowledgment in a calm manner, using short, positive and powerful sentences that clearly show the situation you want to achieve or improve, whether in the workplace, the economy, in love or in the personal field.


2.   Start by working with only 1 to 3, so that you can focus on your full potential in their material pursuits.



3.   Before confirming, take 3 breaths and clear your mind of any negative or disturbing thoughts.


4.   Repeat at least 3 times each Affirmations, focusing on the strength and truth behind each word.



5.   Picture your confirmation with clear images.


6.   Repeat your Affirmations as many times as you like during the day, but make sure you choose the best times when you are not distracted.

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Direct Health Affirmations Based on Love

·        I deserve good health.


·        I'm open to seeing everything that doesn't help me, and I'm determined to see everything with love.



·        I totally welcome you to where I am and I am determined to take this opportunity to grow.


·        I focus on positive development.



·        They support me and love me during this process.


·        I build a good life by talking and thinking about my well-being.



·        I love my parts that need the most love right now.


·        Even though there is some discomfort within me, I love and accept myself.



·        I control the spirit that I create. Thoughts can be changed and positive thoughts that I choose help me heal.


·        I am free to be new at this time.



·        I pull out all the negligence because I am not who I am. I give love because that’s what I really am.


·        I am a friend of my body. No matter what happened or what will happen, my inner light cannot be turned off.



·        I treat my discomfort and pain as if I were an innocent child. I treat my body with compassion and unconditional care.


·        I do everything I can to help my body recover.



·        I choose thoughts that create a healthy atmosphere inside and around me.


·        I am a volunteer participant in my health plan.



·        I am open to new ways of improving my life.


·        Every decision I make, I make with care and love for life. Whatever I do, I love it.



·        I am a survivor.


·        My body can heal itself. I allow the wisdom of my body to advance my life.



·        I am on the verge of expansion, I am constantly learning. I respect the process or I don’t understand it.


·        Thank you so much for being alive. Thanks for being here.



·        I am willing to have all my thoughts and feelings without commanding them. Instead of going, I always understand.


·        I'm looking for ways to show love. I want beauty right now. I look for beacons of hope wherever I go.

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BONUS: Good Health Affirmations


·        I am a magnet that attracts perfect health


·        I receive the blessings of perfect health every day


·        I am a healthy person and energy flows inside me


·        I am an open door for important welfare


·        Perfect health is my natural state


·        My body is strong and powerful


·        I can face difficult situations and win


·        I am healthy and perfect

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