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Self-hypnosis at Home

Often, to bring about a change in behavior that brings us closer to our goals hypnosis is helps. we are talking about habits. Basically, the practice is a repetition of behavior until it occurs spontaneously, and it no longer depends on our conscious mind.


The problem with most things is the time (and determination) it takes to take practice. That is, the difficulties in the process of making the machines work.


Self-Hypnosis allows us to organize our Mind of Consciousness through the use of suggestions or suggestions that will help us achieve a change of habits much easier than working with an intellectual mind alone.


In this article we will only talk about strategies that work as an entry point, where Proposals should be deepened and given to achieve the desired change, most of the strategies can be combined on their own and definitely when we work much better.

Access to these states can be done through a variety of strategies,



Hypnosis is seen as another way to accelerate behavioral automation. That doesn't mean it's a magical solution, far from it.


Self-deception, or addiction, is the process of reducing these dynamic and addictive situations. Self-hypnosis gives you the freedom to hit the pedal and drive your own transformation train, anytime, anywhere, and without a hypnotherapist.


But when we are able to take action automatically, it is because they have reached out to ignorance. That is, it is not our conscious mind that works with these behaviors, and that is why we can make them "unaware."


Relax, relax and reach your ignorance. You can also reshape the mind to change toxic feelings and habits for the better.


To determine what the messages you are going to convey in your brain should look like, do a step-by-step guide step by step.

1.   1. Relax, lie down or sit down, and choose soothing music, without voices, like        waves.


2.   2. Avoid movement, mind control with body movement.


3.   3. Try to silence the inner dialogue with words such as "enough", "exit", "stand" ... To clear your mind, focus your attention outside or on your breath.


4.   4. Your breathing is most effective when you keep your eyes open, whether they are open or closed. This will activate a specific area of   the brain that  promotes relaxation.


5.   5. To get into deep self-hypnosis, use mental arithmetic. You can combine             breathing and counting with the thoughtful action of descending a ladder.


6.   6. Now think of a goal you could set with regard to your goals. Visualize the scene where you need to improve the problem that is bothering you or bothering you and send yourself some suggestions.


7.   7. Include in your suggestions and displays the anchor you feel comfortable with     and identified with.


8.   8. When you are done, you can go out and deceive yourself with phrases such  as: "when you are rested, you will go up the stairs step by step"; "Your body  wakes up, recovers tone, vitality, movement". You can count from 1 to 10  combining these suggestions with each number.

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